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Jack Kirkham’s Skyliner — our USA-Made Springbar® Hot Tent. It’s the toughest, most spacious, and most versatile Springbar® Tent we’ve ever built.

Made in USA.

*Skyliner not compatible with StormFly®.


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Read the Springbar® ‘Hot Tent’ system instruction manual and required safety guidelines. Download the PDF

Compatible only with Winnerwell® Wood Stoves and required components of the Springbar® Hot Tent system. Learn More


Weather Worthy
The beefed-up frame design and construction make the Skyliner reliable in harsh wind, rain, and snow. Note* Snowloads must be actively managed to prevent excessive weight across the roof panel.

Quick & Simple 1-person setup thanks to the Springbar® frame design.
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The easy set-up makes a canvas hot tent experience a reality for quick weekend trips.

Interior Space
140 sq. ft. living space with standing height. All new pattern maximizes livable space. Approx. 30% more interior volume than other 10'x14' Springbar® tents. Spacious for 2, comfortable for 4-6, maximum of 8 occupants.

2 large back windows, 1 large end panel window, double-wide front door for maximum ventilation and views in warm weather. Additional reverse zipper sliders allow the door to be opened top down for easy exit during the night.

Removable Stove Jack
Includes a stove jack insert and a window insert for versatility in warm or cold weather. Fire-resistant 10oz Sunforger® canvas is used on the panel where the stove jack is located.

‘Eave-style’ front and rear awnings allow windows and door to be ventilated during wet weather and provide additional guy out points for stability. Skyliner is not compatible with current portico panels or Stormfly accessories.

Stabilizer pole system for increased structure and stability in heavy weather. Zippered cord port for solar or generator. Includes 2 hanging organizers (new design) that can be setup vertically or horizontally. Gear loft features a center strap for hanging lighting (new design).


The ‘gold standard’ in cotton tent fabrics. 100% Cotton, double-fill, boat shrunk army duck canvas. (8.5oz walls, 10.1oz roof, 12oz FR on stove panel). Dyed and finished with Sunforger® in Georgia, USA for water repellency and anti-mold. Watertight, breathable, and highly durable.

Aluminum alloy poles with steel reinforcements, tempered spring steel tension rods. Machined and fabricated in Salt Lake City, USA.

40D military-grade ‘Berry Compliant’ no-see-um window mesh,
Made in USA. #10 YKK Zippers Throughout.

Heavy-duty 12oz seamless vinyl floor. Durable & fully waterproof.

Stake Loops
Steel wire stake loops with perimeter rope reinforcement.
Incredibly strong and a hallmark of genuine Springbar Tent design.
Made in Chicago, USA.

12-inch galvanized steel wedge stakes.
Made in Missouri, USA.

Size / Weight


  • 10' x 14' Footprint
  • 6' 5" Interior Height
  • Packed Tent Size: 32" x 18"
  • Packed Pole Size: 56" x 9"


  • 97 lbs. total
  • Tent Body: 56 lbs. | Pole Set: 31 lbs. | Stakes: 10 lbs.
What's included

Springbar® Skyliner includes:

  • Tent w/storage bag
  • Pole set w/storage bag
  • Steel wedge stakes x 23
  • 21oz. canvas bucket bag
  • Awning ropes x 4
  • Stove Jack Insert
  • Fair Weather Mesh Window Insert
  • Hanging organizer x 2
  • Mesh Skyloft
  • Owner’s field guide. Download the PDF

Satisfaction Guarantee
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          Since 1961

          Cut & sewn in Salt Lake City, Utah – Still building them like we used to

          Made in USA

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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 80 reviews
            Jacob Gustafson
            Maiden voyage victory!

            Our maiden voyage in the Skyliner was greeeaaat! It rained and we stayed dry. It was 43 degrees and there was very minimal condensation which I think could have been mitigated by leaving a window open a crack, but it didn’t get our bedding wet like a plastic tent. One small drawback was the rain pooled up in the awning, which splashed mud up on the tent when I spilled it off. I wonder if the awning was designed with more of a center peak going up the roof a hair if that would solve that problem. I do realize they recommended using one pole with two guy lines for inclement weather. Hoping we can save enough for a stove by the end of summer! Excited for decades of camping ahead in a spacious tent where I, 6’3” tall, can stand upright in 90 percent of the footprint without hitting my head.
            Thank you Springbar!!!

            Gregory Pollard-Hermann

            Sometimes you just have to glamp; pull out all the stops, go big and go canvas. Springbar is the hip standard and the Skyline has such a classic style and packs a whopping punch for internal space. Couple that with it being a quality USA made option for something other than a cabin style or flat walled tent and you're now one Rainier beer and a set of LC King overalls away from being the cool kid with that lever action plinker. Pros: handsome canvas, simplicity, quick pitching and is stove-ready. The stake loops instill a lot of confidence that they will hold up over time and provide enough distance from iron stakes, such as those pile drivers from snowpeak, to prevent any rust transfer to the canvas. However, there are some shortcomings. Cons: Small entry awning. It's too small to keep shoes outside while also allowing enough covered floorspace to negotiate the dripline when it rains. I have 2 kids and sometimes they need help with footwear when it is muddy and I curse at this awning every time I get drips down my neck. Portico panels would help a little here but they are not offered for the Skyline. So we make due with a Kodiak Canvas privacy vestibule or a tarp but that kind of kills the vibe. Even 6-12 more inches of fabric would have been nice. Secondly, water intrudes from the triple-wall Winnerwell stove pipe that passes through the stovejack. This isn't a Springbar issue per se, but it is what was recommended for the tent. Pack a towel for mopping up around the stove. Third, floor thickness. I didn't care to notice the thickness of the vinyl floor until we were actually camping and I noticed it felt thin. If we can manage to get holes in a 16oz floor while using a ground cover, you better believe I'm being cautious with this12oz floor while also using the heavy duty ground tarp and canvas liner inside. Finally, the door opening. You'll have to come to terms with using 3 zippers to get in and out of an A frame doorway that catches your shoulders and gear. But that's the price for style, baby. All-in-all its a great addition to our fleet of tent options and one that will serve as a home base for many family memories. If you're undaunted by the aforementioned minor grievances and ready to dive into a cozy hot tent then this one will keep you sitting pretty

            Alexej Guberinich
            Kickass tent

            Would recommend this as the ultimate car camping tent. With two people our whole setup fits inside, with room for friends. Get some long lag bolts, washers and an impact driver and set up is a breeze, pair that with some moving blankets for carpet and cleaning the floor takes no time at all. Withstood high winds (50mph+) the first day we got it and set outside to season, and was bone dry inside during thunderstorms on our first trip. I always make sure to guy it out to keep it sturdy. If you're on the fence, the price is well worth a tent that's going to last decades to come, just make sure to give it a little TLC and store it dry. Absolute game changer! Next step is to shop for the stove set when fall comes.

            Love at first sight

            I love tents, always have. From back yard camp outs as a kid growing up in Northern Minnesota to multi day backpacking trips in the north cascades where I now live. For years I wanted to add a canvas wall tent to my collection of tents. I had always thought that I would end up with a classic A-frame style wall tent. After months of shopping for the perfect canvas tent I came across the video of Jack Kirkham showing off his skyliner tent and I knew I had found my new tent. The thoughtful design, attention to detail and fine craftsmanship made right here in the United States is second to none. My new tent truly brings me joy! Thank you springbar!

            Brooks Gonsalves
            Absolutely The Best

            I purchased my Skyliner as an all purpose camping/hunting tent. I was hoping the tent would be able to stay as cool as possible for warmer weather camping as I know it will handle the cold and harsh weather just fine. My first trip was late May and in the Sierra-Nevada mountains with camp sitting just below 7,000 feet. The temperature swing was from 73 to 38 degrees. I was very happy with the ventilation in this tent. Even when it warmed up, I was able to open all the windows and inside the tent was able to cool down. The key is, this tent has big back windows, a good sized side window, and big screen doors to help get the circulation needed. As far as the lower temperature early in the morning, it was no problem this trip. I just ran a Buddy heater in the morning to warm the tent for my girlfriend and it was plenty. Overall this is a well built tent. I believe the Skyliner model will last a lifetime if taken care of appropriately. And yes, the quality and craftsmanship is everything Springbar claims!