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Tent/Stove Compatibility & Safety


Tent/Stove Compatibility

The only stove compatible Springbar® Tents are the Classic Jack 140 and Skyliner

These tents have been specifically designed to function with a Winnerwell® woodstove and other required components of the Springbar® ‘Hot Tent’ System. The use of any other woodstove or components is not recommended.

We do not recommend altering existing Springbar® tents (such as the Family Camper, Highline Series, or Classic Jack 100) to accommodate a wood burning stove. Altering your Springbar® tent by installing a flashing kit or any other stove jack modification will void any warranty on your Springbar® Tent.

The owner and user of the Springbar® Tent and various accessories accepts all responsibility and liability for the safe use of these products. Springbar® is not liable for any injury or damage resulting from the use or misuse of any manner of flame or heat source used inside or near a Springbar® Tent.

Read and follow all instructions and safety guidelines prior to using this product. Instructions and safety guidelines must be adhered to at all times. Failure to follow these instructions and safety guidelines may result in property damage, injury, or even death.

Please reach out us by email if you have any questions regarding stove compatibility with your tent at

Fire Safety

KEEP FIRE AWAY FROM CANVAS. The tent canvas used in Springbar® Tents will burn if exposed to an open flame. Never allow the tent canvas to be in contact with an open flame and ensure proper clearances are maintained at all times from campfires or stoves.

Due to the harsh nature of fire retardant chemicals which have been shown to adversely affect the environment and individuals, Springbar® does not apply a fire retardant treatment to its canvas fabrics (with the exception of specific areas of the tent near the stove jack in the Skyliner tent model). Some states (CA, LA, MA, MI, MN, NJ, NY) have restrictions on sales of tents without a fire retardant treatment. Most involve sales to groups and usage in commercial applications. We recommend you check for specific restrictions in your area prior to ordering any Springbar® Tent. That said, in over a half century of manufacturing tents with our cotton canvas fabrics, with no incident to our knowledge involving a fire hazard, we feel our fabrics do not pose any significant safety risk when used in conjunction with common sense.