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doug french
Everything Everyone Said It Is and More

I ordered my Classic Jack 100 a couple of weeks ago. I used it for 3 nights in Ocala National Forest Campground here in Florida this week.
While I did not face any inclement weather (it didn't rain, get windy or was in in-ordinarily hot yet) I can comment on the basics.
I set it up for the first time in the dark since I reached the campground late. I had watched a video on how to set it up the day before and I had the instructions sent with the tent. I took my time and it was not too hard to figure it out.
I am glad it came with a ground mat. That is of high quality and gives great protection to the floor, which is also of high quality and easy to clean. If you just use a door rug on the outside it takes very little cleaning anyway. I bought a Dollar Store broom handle and used that to sweep it out at the end.
The zippers, the canvas, the windows screen, the floor (as mentioned) are all of high quality and should last a long time. How many tents can you use one hand every time to unzip or zip up the door?
The placement of all the windows and door make total sense and all are super easy to adjust the cover to allow for privacy or as much open window as you want.
It has a lot of storage nets, both on the sides of the tent and on the ceiling and even has a small slot by the bottom of the main window for what I assume is an electric cord should you want electricity.
I was concerned about taking it down. Mainly that it would roll up easily enough to fit back in the bags without a lot of stuffing or re-rolling. Everything went in the bags easily the first time. I have sleeping pads that I hate rolling up because they never fit back in their bags. I didn't have a problem with this at all and everything went smoothly, both putting it up and taking it down.
If I use it in heavy rain, snow or winds I think getting the extra roof fly for for it would be a good idea. I'm not sure the awning could stand high winds and having a fly on the roof could only give the tent more protection from both sun and wind or snow. It also likely will make sense to have the door side and the rear window not facing directly into the wind.
This summer I'll letting someone stay in it with her friend and two children. This will be in New Mexico where the winds can be steady 40-50 mph all day with even high velocity dirt devils moving through. Sudden down pours are not unusual so it will get tested for inclement weather I'm sure. Still with its steel poles and long stakes with the tightly woven cotton I'm sure it will be fine in heavy wind and rain.
While 4 people can sleep in it fairly comfortably, I don't think there will be much room for gear, which concerns me a bit. Since I won't be using it with 4 people very often, I didn't want to buy the bigger size.
Overall the quality of the tent and the customer support is first rate. You have to appreciate these things these days, right?

Kevin Kiger
Classic Jack 100

First I'd like to compliment the customer service at Springbar. I've researched all of the major brands and before I purchased, I had questions. Springbar was the only company that replied same day with answers and advice. Super friendly!

The delivery was fast. I received everything within 5 days of my purchase, fantastic.

I've been camping for years. I was Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader of my son's years in Scouts. So I have some experience. The Classic Jack went up in about 10 minutes my first time. Plenty of room inside. Quality material. The floor is really nice a thick. I don't feel like rocks or sticks are going to tear it. Love the head room all the way around instead of just the middle. And, plenty of windows for ventilation.

My biggest concern was the weight. It is heavy. However, the pros of a canvas tent far outweigh the cons, in my opinion.

Very nice tent, excellent quality, customer service is fantastic.

What more could you ask for?

Jay Fell
Easy Set Up

Love my new Classic Jack. Watched a 3 min video and set the tent up in less than 10 Min first try. High quality components and construction. Fantastic customer service, returned an email in 15 min.

Michael Brauer
Classic Jack 100

I opened the box ,and pulled the tent bags out ,and then ,I have had 40 degree weather, with the ground being wet so far.i have been wanting to set it up and season it before my next trip.i will give you a update on what I think about it ,when weather permits.

jon-carl heglund
Very impressive

Stayed up under a foot of snow, though you probably shouldn’t let it pile up like I accidentally did. Held strong in 40+ mph gusts. I didn’t realize how lovely a cold afternoon in a tent could be. These are so quiet compared to synthetic. Spring for the USA made version(sold as a different model name) if you can. My overseas has a few noticeable things, nothing that I can’t live with, but that I’m sure wouldn’t be present in the USA built ones. I will be getting the USA next but wanted to see what these tents were all about and I’m sold.