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Jack Kirkham’s Skyliner — the first USA-Made Springbar® Hot Tent. It’s the toughest, most spacious, and most versatile Springbar® Tent we’ve ever built.

Made in USA.


Pick a Large or Medium size stove on and add the ‘Springbar® Hot Tent Bundle.’ Learn more here

Read the Springbar® ‘Hot Tent’ system instruction manual and required safety guidelines. Download the PDF

Compatible only with Winnerwell® Wood Stoves and required components of the Springbar® Hot Tent system. Learn More


Weather Worthy
The beefed-up frame design and construction make the Skyliner reliable in harsh wind, rain, and snow. Note* Snowloads must be actively managed to prevent excessive weight across the roof panel.

Quick & Simple 1-person setup thanks to the Springbar® frame design.
Watch the video
The easy set-up makes a canvas hot tent experience a reality for quick weekend trips.

Interior Space
140 sq. ft. living space with standing height. All new pattern maximizes livable space. Approx. 30% more interior volume than other 10'x14' Springbar® tents. Spacious for 2, comfortable for 4-6, maximum of 8 occupants.

2 large back windows, 1 large end panel window, double-wide front door for maximum ventilation and views in warm weather. Additional reverse zipper sliders allow the door to be opened top down for easy exit during the night.

Removable Stove Jack
Includes a stove jack insert and a window insert for versatility in warm or cold weather. Fire-resistant 12oz Sunforger® canvas is used on the panel where the stove jack is located.

‘Eave-style’ front and rear awnings allow windows and door to be ventilated during wet weather and provide additional guy out points for stability. Skyliner is not compatible with current portico panels or Stormfly accessories.

Stabilizer pole system for increased structure and stability in heavy weather. Zippered cord port for solar or generator. Includes 2 hanging organizers (new design) that can be setup vertically or horizontally. Gear loft features a center strap for hanging lighting (new design).


The ‘gold standard’ in cotton tent fabrics. 100% Cotton, double-fill, boat shrunk army duck canvas. (8.5oz walls, 10.1oz roof, 12oz FR on stove panel). Dyed and finished with Sunforger® in Georgia, USA for water repellency and anti-mold. Watertight, breathable, and highly durable.

Aluminum alloy poles with steel reinforcements, tempered spring steel tension rods. Machined and fabricated in Salt Lake City, USA.

40D military-grade ‘Berry Compliant’ no-see-um window mesh,
Made in USA. #10 YKK Zippers Throughout.

Heavy-duty 12oz seamless vinyl floor. Durable & fully waterproof.

Stake Loops
Steel wire stake loops with perimeter rope reinforcement.
Incredibly strong and a hallmark of genuine Springbar Tent design.
Made in Chicago, USA.

12-inch galvanized steel wedge stakes.
Made in Missouri, USA.

Size / Weight


  • 10' x 14' Footprint
  • 6' 10" Interior Height
  • Packed Tent Size: 32" x 18"
  • Packed Pole Size: 56" x 9"


  • 97 lbs. total
  • Tent Body: 56 lbs. | Pole Set: 31 lbs. | Stakes: 10 lbs.
What's included

Springbar® Skyliner includes:

  • Tent w/storage bag
  • Pole set w/storage bag
  • Steel wedge stakes x 23
  • 21oz. canvas bucket bag
  • Awning ropes x 3
  • Hanging organizer x 2
  • Mesh Skyloft
  • Owner’s field guide. Download the PDF

Satisfaction Guarantee
Love your Springbar® product or we’ll make it right.
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          Since 1961

          Cut & sewn in Salt Lake City, Utah – Still building them like we used to

          Made in USA

          Visit our Sew Shop in SLC to see how a Springbar® Tent is made

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 25 reviews
            rebecca moorehead
            2 week test reveiw

            Nice roomy tent that's very sturdy. we had winds the 1st night with 30mph gusts with no problem. Like the tent very much but 2 small things the one back corner the outside metal stake lopes is not exactly on the corner and you can't pull the corner straight and tight also it shows holes in it from being sewed under stress and the holes will not close up even after wetting it down, 2nd the stove jack leaks water a lot and makes a mess in the stove and on the floor. I think for the money you should not have this but now days not all employees take pride in there work. But we do love the design of the tent and it's very heavy. Maybe we'll get lucky and spring bar will help us correct these issues.

            Bob E.
            Update to 2/17/23 review

            Well, I immediately set it up and put it to use. I left it up for awhile. We had some rain, 30+ MPH winds/rain, sleet and eventually 6" of snow. Not an issue! tent held up just fine! With the stove going strong (I used a Cylinder stove from Camp Chef), it was super cozy and the tent didn't budge! I didn't use any of the gear lofts or hangers as it was a "set up and test run", so I can't comment on those. Even though I got a Factory 2nds, it performed better than expected!
            I'm heading out to Vermont in a couple weeks and Skyliner is coming with me! Cannot go wrong! This thing is a palace with more than enough room for a family!
            Now if they can come out with a StormFly or cover for it (Not that it needs it-it's perfectly fine as is) that would be perfect!

            Andrew Miller
            Skyliner Tent: Jack Kirkham Jr.'s Cozy Masterpiece for Outdoor Enthusiasts

            Allow me to introduce you to the Skyliner tent, a camping marvel designed by none other than Jack Kirkham Jr., who took his father's legacy to new heights. This luxurious outdoor escapade will have you eager to trade your city life for a weekend in the wilderness, complete with the warmth and coziness of a roaring fire.

            Jack Kirkham Jr. began working for his father at the tender age of 14, and his passion for the outdoors and the desire to upgrade his father's design have culminated in this incredible masterpiece. With the Skyliner, you'll be sleeping under a canvas creation that's a testament to Kirkham's dedication to craftsmanship and outdoor living.

            Setting up the Skyliner is a breeze, so you can spend more time roasting marshmallows and less time wrestling with tent poles. A few quick motions and your outdoor palace is standing tall, ready to offer you shelter from whatever Mother Nature has in store.

            Step inside, and you'll be greeted by an enchanting ambiance. The Skyliner has a unique ability to transform sunlight into a calming, soothing hue that surrounds you like a warm hug. When night falls and you switch on the interior lights, the color scheme takes on an ethereal beauty, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

            What truly sets the Skyliner apart is its built-in stove jack, which allows you to use your Winnerwell camp stove inside the tent. The glass sides of the stove let you admire the flickering flames while keeping the interior toasty and warm, even when the temperature outside dips below freezing. It's like having your very own hearth in the heart of the wilderness.

            Concerned about drafts? Worry not! With the Skyliner's screen and canvas, when zipped together, you'll be well-protected from any unwanted chilly breezes. It's like having your own personal bouncer to keep out the cold.

            The real showstopper is the spaciousness of this tent. It's so roomy that you'll be tempted to host impromptu camping get-togethers, inviting friends and family to share in the Skyliner experience.

            While I don't yet have the Ground Tarp, it's definitely on my shopping list. I can only imagine that it will further enhance the already incredible Skyliner experience.

            In conclusion, the Skyliner tent, designed by Jack Kirkham Jr., is a game-changer for those seeking a camping experience that combines ease, luxury, ample space, and the warmth of a homey fire. So pack your bags and set your sights on the great outdoors – just remember to zip up that screen and canvas, fire up your Winnerwell stove, and you're all set for an unforgettable glamping adventure!

            Nate H
            Skyliner and Ground Tarp

            Haven't had the opportunity to set the tent up yet, but am extremely satisfied and impressed to this point. I had some issues when trying to place my order, and the rep I spoke to went COMPLETELY out of his way to take care of me. I opened the items and took everything out of its packaging and carry cases upon arrival. Very impressed with the quality of workmanship that I have seen so far without setting the tent up. I do plan to further review after I've uses the tent.

            John P
            Only springbar tent one should buy!

            The skyliner tent is the first large tent I have purchased that takes so little effort to set up! I just wish that it was freestanding but can’t have it all. Materials are top notch as well as the stitching. I have used many tents from snow peak,Coleman,minimal works,msr….all requiring multiple tent poles and covers to fiddle around with. I thing I appreciate about the skyliner is the color introduced with sunlight and the color that it produces with a interior light, very calming and well done! The color of the floor is a very nice contrast to the rest of the tent. Overall, it’s an excellent tent but I do have one issue. The issue I had when I used it was the draft that gets in through the front doors due to the fact that there are not any zippers on the bottom of the main cover. There are zippers only on the mesh screen door, allowing a draft while camping in snowy conditions.

            If one were to look at a springbar style tent, just get the skyliner

            1)same setup time
            2)ability to use a wood stove in the future if one isn’t using one already
            3)receive compliments after compliments on the tent