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Care & Maintenance

With Proper Care, A Springbar® Tent is Built to Last for a Lifetime of Camping Adventures


  • Always Store Completely Dry to Avoid Mildew Damage

Cotton canvas is a natural material that is subject to mold and mildew damage if stored damp or wet. If you must break camp in a storm, or early in the morning before dew evaporates from the tent, set the tent up as soon as you return home to allow the tent to dry completely prior to long term storage. 

*Extra care must be taken in high humidity climates to prevent mold & mildew damage.

Minor mildew damage can be resolved by using a diluted white vinegar solution (5-parts water to 1-part vinegar). Clean the affected area with a soft bristle brush, rinse thoroughly with water, and allow to dry completely before storage.


  • Always Store Clean (Including the poles)

Prior to long-term storage, clean the tent of dirt and debris. Ensure tent poles are dry and remove any sand or debris. We strongly recommend the use of a Ground Tarp to extend the life of the tent floor and to help keep it clean. Keep zippers clean and occasionally treat with a silicone zipper lubricant.

The best way to clean a Springbar Tent is with water, a soft bristle brush, and allowing it to dry completely. Avoid using harsh detergents or soaps that may compromise the water repellency treatment. 


  • Practice Setup at Home Prior to Use in Camp

Doing so will allow you to familiarize yourself with the setup procedure, address any questions, and have the best experience possible when you get to camp.


  • Water Repellency & Breathability

The 100% Cotton Canvas fabrics used in Springbar Tents are tightly woven and treated to be highly water resistant. The canvas is designed to provide the best balance between water repellency and breathability to keep the tent interior comfortable. Note that Springbar Tents are not ‘waterproof’ in the same sense as some plastic or synthetic materials. That said, a Springbar Tent is a very reliable tent in wet weather and will keep you dry. In very heavy rain, it is possible to feel very light ‘misting’ inside the tent resulting from hydrostatic pressure, this is normal and should not be a considered a leak.

Under normal use, the water repellency treatment will last for many years. However, the canvas can be re-treated if desired using a spray on water repellency treatment such as 303 Fabric Guard.


  • Keep All Flames Away from Tent Canvas

Springbar Tent fabrics will burn if exposed to an open flame. Keep all open flames away from tent canvas. Exercise common sense fire safety precautions at all times.