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Warranty & Repairs

Satisfaction Guarantee

All Springbar® products are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are in the business of making happy campers, and we do that by providing a quality product with quality service, and by listening to our customers.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee means that we will do everything possible—within reason and at our option—to ensure that you are a happy camper.

If a Springbar Tent or product is found to be defective, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.

To receive warranty service: send us an email at

Please include the text “Warranty Service” in the subject line.

What Qualifies as a Defect?

  • We consider a defect to be a flaw in manufacturing or materials that renders the tent unusable or that prevents the tent from functioning as intended.

What Does Not Qualify as a Defect?

  • Springbar Tents are made with cotton canvas which is a natural material, and are cut and sewn by hand. Although rare, minor variations or irregularities in fabric or construction are possible. We do not consider such variations to be a defect—we consider them to be the mark of a hand crafted product. 
  • Normal wear and tear expected over the lifespan of a Springbar Tent. 
  • Damage caused by misuse, neglect, or improper storage.


We will provide a full refund on products in the first 30 days after the original date of purchase. Applies only to products that are in new, unused condition and in the original packaging.

We do not refund shipping charges on the original order or for return shipping costs.


Repair Program 

We work hard to keep tents in the great outdoors and out of landfills. It’s how we do sustainability.

Over the last 60 years, we’ve built over 60,000 Springbar Tents. And each year, we make repairs to nearly a thousand of them. Many of the tents we take in for repair are 20, 30, or even 40 years’ old—most in good condition, just needing a new window or zipper. With a little care and maintenance, it’s common for Springbar Tent owners to get several decades of good service from their tent. It’s something we take pride in, and something that sets us apart from nearly any other tent maker.  

To Schedule a Repair: Send us an email at

 Please include the text “Tent Repair” in the subject line.

 We will respond with:

  • A brief questionnaire about your tent and the repairs needed.
  • Information about current lead times for repair work & next steps. 

Please Note*

  • We strive to respond to all email inquiries within 48 hours.
  • Tents must be clean prior to intake for repair work. Clean means 100% free of mold, mildew, dirt, debris, chemicals or anything we deem to be hazardous to the health of our shop employees or machinery. Tents that are not clean will be denied.
  • We only offer repair work on Springbar® Tents
  • For quick turn-around, fall and winter months are the best time to bring your tent in for repairs. Lead times can be prolonged in spring and summer months.