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Highly recommended for any Leisure Port owner, the Leisure Port Accessory Panels include 2 canvas zip-in panels and 2 no-see-um mesh zip-in panels. When combined with the zip-in panels that come standard with each Leisure Port, you can choose to zip-in all canvas panels (4 total) to create a fully enclosed weather shelter, or zip-in all mesh panels (4 total) to create a fully enclosed screen house—ideal for keeping out the bugs while still enjoying your camp.


  • Compatible with the Springbar® Leisure Port
  • Includes 2 canvas zip-in panels (8.5 oz cotton duck)
  • Includes 2 mesh 2 zip-in panels (no-see-um mesh)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Love your Springbar product or we’ll make it right. Learn More
  • Durable Import Series. Designed in SLC, Utah. Cut & Sewn in China. Learn More 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Adam Beck
Turns your leisure port into a tent

Must have accessory for the Leisure Port. When I know I can rely on good weather and low chances of insects, I can use the Leisure Port as my tent. That was my primary reason for buying the canvas accessory panels.

Tameka Ball
Leisure Port

This shelter makes for the perfect place to set up our camp kitchen. We were also able to use it as a place to hang out and shelter from the wind on the beach. We have a Springbar tent so we felt fairly confident that it would stand up to the windy beach and we were right. I really appreciate that Springbar offers products that we can trust. It was so windy that our friends’ tent fell on them during the night but our Springbar Traveller and Leisure Port didn’t budge!

Bob E.
Nice addition to the "Port"

I purchased an extra set just in case. I've used both the screens and the panels and they both work great! In all actuality, it turns the Leisure Port into a tent, depending how you want it to be set up. If you're buying the LP, I would definitely recommend the panels.

Leta Kalfas
INCREDIBLE versatility

I guess I never knew how much I needed a shelter like this until I actually used it. Simply brilliant design, versatility, and worth every single penny! Thank you Springbar!!

brad mepham
Best addition ever!

Springbar crushes it again! Had the traveler 5 for years and finally added the panels this year. With more than 50 plus nights in all the weather can throw at you. These panels are a must to give more protection to your tent entrance!