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Inspired by a tent Jack made for horse packers and river guides, the USA-Made Outfitter is the lightest and most packable Springbar® Tent that still provides standing height. All the reliability and comfort of a Springbar®, built to go places.

Made in USA.


Weather Worthy
Legendary performance in harsh wind, rain, and weather.
Have confidence when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Quick & Simple 1-person setup thanks to the Springbar® frame design.
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Interior Space
63 sq. ft. living space with standing height. Spacious for 2, maximum of 3 occupants.

Large back window and roll-up style door for views and ventilation.

3-piece pole set design for reduced pack size.
Zippered cord port for solar or generator.


The ‘gold standard’ in cotton tent fabrics. 100% Cotton, double-fill, boat shrunk army duck canvas. (8.5oz walls, 10.1oz roof). Dyed and finished with Sunforger® in Georgia, USA for water repellency and anti-mold.
Watertight, breathable, and highly durable.

Aluminum alloy poles with 3-piece design, tempered spring steel tension rods. Machined and
fabricated in Salt Lake City, USA.

40D military-grade ‘Berry Compliant’ no-see-um window mesh,
Made in USA. #10 YKK Zippers Throughout.

Heavy-duty 12oz seamless vinyl floor. Durable & fully waterproof.

Stake Loops
Steel wire stake loops with perimeter rope reinforcement.
Incredibly strong and a hallmark of genuine Springbar Tent design.
Made in Chicago, USA.

12-inch galvanized steel wedge stakes.
Made in Missouri, USA.

Size / Weight


  • 7' x 9' Footprint
  • 6.2' Interior Height
  • Packed Tent Size: 30" x 10"
  • Packed Pole Size: 40" x 8"


  • 42 lbs. total
  • Tent Body: 27 lbs. | Pole Set: 10 lbs. | Stakes: 5 lbs.
What's included

Springbar® Outfitter includes:

  • Tent w/storage bag
  • Pole set w/storage bag
  • Steel wedge stakes x 12
  • 21oz. canvas bucket bag
  • Owner’s field guide. Download the PDF

Satisfaction Guarantee
Love your Springbar® product or we’ll make it right.
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            Quick & Simple 1-person Setup

            Thanks to the Springbar® Frame

            Since 1961

            Cut & sewn in Salt Lake City, Utah – Still building them like we used to

            Made in USA

            Visit our Sew Shop in SLC to see how a Springbar® Tent is made

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 94 reviews
              The hype seems accurate

              The cult following of these tents seems justified. I'm not what you'd call a "prepper" but I'm trying to buy things I will need to be happy for my retirement at today's prices. I wanted a tent with some real longevity to use as a "living room" on long trips out of my teardrop when parked for several days somewhere. Enough room for a couple chairs and a table, a small heater… Room of course to sleep if I had a guest join me. I settled on the Outfitter for ease of set up, size, and weight and it is perfect. I set it up in my yard and it's just like an intimate little room, comfortable to enter and exit, have a couple chairs, maybe even three… I think four people sitting in it might be a bit much and for that I would get probably the Vagabond or the Leisure Port shelter if you are ok with added size and weight.

              If you have experience with public land camping or campgrounds, the 7 x 9' footprint of the Outfitter is just about as big as I want to go. The poles are lighter weight and the whole canvas package is easily manageable for one person.

              I sprayed it down on a hot sunny day to season it and not a single water drop got inside. I would be totally confident in this tent in adverse conditions.

              So far I am 100% satisfied; the tent arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

              One point I would make is that the color "pearl gray" is, in my opinion, misleading. I don't mind the color at all, but it is NOT gray. I would describe it as more of an institutional mint green, like a hospital room from the 1950s or something like that. Sunlight looks really nice coming through the walls of the tent.

              Michael Melville

              7’ by 9’ tent

              Carl Beckman
              Working in the dirt in the middle of niwhere

              I am very happy with the ease of set up of they ent
              I am very happy it is mosquito tote
              I am very happy it stays up in the wind
              I am very happy to stand up in it
              The outfitter is a great one man tent for an extended stay of ten days
              It is also rain tight no leaks
              Loved the free ground tarp
              I am 73 and don’t know if I want a bigger one too
              But I am considering it
              Thanks for a grand product
              Carl Beckman sr

              Perfect for the solo camper who wants plenty of room without the weight!

              I wanted something quality that I can stand up in. I wanted something easy for one person to put up and take down , without needing to refer to notes. No confusion, easy! I wanted something I can put a full cot inside and turn it in a glamp style camp and one that was lighter in weight. Easy to tow out of car and back into car. So I bought the Outfitter. Love it. Tried it out in a state park for a few days and it was just what I wanted. Now taking it to another campground in a few weeks again. I brought it home from a weekend where it was damp and literally pitched it really easy in the front lawn to dry off and now took it back down and packed it for the next trip. Easy.

              Buddy Griffin
              Great quality

              Well worth the price of the tent. I purchased a Travelir 5 15 years ago and it is still going strong. Needed ab e tra te t since have more family now going g on our trips. The Outfitter fits my needs. I am so glad that I went with USA made Springbar, Quality and dependability was critical to me. I was tempted to go with Chinese version but the little things make the American made well appreciated