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Replacement ridge poles for Springbar tents, sold as a complete set only. Each set includes 2 ridge poles with T-fittings and a connection sleeve.

See list below for compatibility.

  • 59.5 Ridge Pole Set: Compatible with Family Camper, Family Shade, Scout 140, Deluxe Screen House, Vagabond 7, Euro Traveler (10x14 USA-made Tents)
  • 48.5 Ridge Pole Set: Compatible with Traveler, Vagabond, Scout 80 (10x10 and 10x8 USA-made Tents)
  • 2-Piece Steel Ridge Pole Set: Compatible with Highline 6 and Classic Jack 100 (10x10 Imported Tents)
  • 3-Piece Steel Ridge Pole Set: Compatible with Highline 8, Classic Jack 140, and post-2019 Leisure Ports (10x14 Imported Tents)
  • Outfitter 3-Piece: Compatible with new Outfitter model Springbar Tents (post 2020)
  • Compact 2-Piece: Compatible with new Compact model Springbar Tents (post 2020)
  • Campsite: Compatible with the Campsite 3 Springbar Tent produced pre-2019
  • Legacy Outfitter: Compatible with Outfitter model Springbar Tents produced pre-2019
  • Legacy Compact: Compatible with Compact 2 Springbar Tents produced pre-2019

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mary Arhart
Tent Poles

Ordered a set of Ridge Poles for our tent which is now 43 years old. Over the years we have lent the tent out to family and friends and, the poles poles had gotten cracked at the “T” junction. This caused the poles to be unsafe and could possibly be a safety issue if assembled haphazardly.
Checked out Springbar and was delighted to see that they were still in business.
Ordered a set and they fit our existing poles beautifully.
Customer service is OUTSTANDING.
Best tents made in the USA!!!!!!
Thank you.

Sharon Crockett


Russell Mckenna
Broken Ridge Pole


Just wanted to send a note regarding the experience with my Leisure Port. I kept the tent up through the winter to use as a shelter to cook out. I left for a few days and was not home for a snowstorm which ended up collapsing the ridge pole. The weak Link was the male/female connection where the pole collapses for storage. I see you have a winter support package for one of your other tents. Perhaps this should be standard on all tents. I have now used the old sliding pole from the broken ridge pole to protect this joint. I also had to order a new storm fly as the original experienced several rips through this storm. I realise that a tent needs to be cared for and is not rated for snow loads as such, therefore I take the responsibility of letting the snow pile up. Also wondering if you have storm fly fabric available as I should be able to patch up the rips if I can get matching material. Otherwise great product.


Russ McKenna

Joseph Nauyalis
Excellent made

Excellent made ridge poles.