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Complete replacement pole sets for Springbar Tents.  *Carry bags are sold separately.

See list below for compatibility: 

  • Family Camper - Compatible with 10x14 USA-made tents: Family Camper, Vagabond 7, Family Shade, Scout 140, Deluxe Screen House
  • Traveler - Compatible with 10x10 USA-made tents
  • Vagabond - Compatible with 10x8 USA-made tents: Vagabond 4, Scout 80
  • Import 10x10 - Compatible with 10x10 Import tents: Highline 6, Classic Jack 100 
  • Import 10x14 - Compatible with 10x14 Import tents: Highline 8, Classic Jack 140, Leisure Port Cotton Canvas, Leisure Port Synthetic
  • Outfitter - Compatible with Outfitter USA-made tents produced post-2020
  • Compact - Compatible with Compact USA-made tents produced post-2020
  • Campsite - Compatible with Campsite USA-made tents produced pre-2019 
  • Legacy Outfitter - Compatible with Outfitter USA-made tents produced pre-2019
  • Legacy Compact - Compatible with Compact 2 USA-made tents produced pre-2019

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Clommer Hawkins

The person that took my order Very helpful..for springbar. The poles I ordered was delivered to me just as I ordered. I will be ordering more Springbar products. Thank you

Angela Krahulec
Tent poles

Lost tent poles to my tent when we moved cross country. Very glad we could replace although they were very expensive (over $300.00). Poles work great! A bit miffed that the rope and tension adjusters for the front flap poles did not come with the poles as they did originally. We also did not receive the canvas storage sack for the poles. Love the tent and poles. So easy to put up and very sturdy.

Cameron Nelson


CariAnn Saurey
Helped with old tents

Thank you for so much for your help with the old Springbar tents. The pole kit, patches, and waterproofing is exactly what we need to get these old tents up and ready again.

Complete pole set

I purchased a second hand tent that had the wrong poles, not sure of the model it’s 10 by 13. Took a chance and ordered the set I thought might work, when they came a couple of the poles had some small dents in then making it a little hard to slide took the tent with new poles out on the deer hunt , the poles and tent worked great rain and lots of wind thanks for hooking me up I’m very impressed with the spring bar tent will be stashing some cash to be able to purchase a newer model thanks once again.