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Customer Reviews

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Mike Ventura
Nice tent, great company

Real nice tent. Not too heavy once separated into tent bag, pole bag and stake bag. I replaced the stakes (which are actually quite nice) to use screw in stakes with an impact driver because driving the stakes can be the hardest part of using this tent. Once stakes are in it is easy to set up. The floor is a bit lighter duty than expected, even with using the nice canvas tarp/footprint. On gravel pads where it’s often required to set up on the east coast the floor can get beat up quick. However, that can be patched if needed. The nice thing is the rope in the perimeter which makes a strong transition to the canvas walls is really designed well. I had a competitor’s version without this transition rope and the canvas failed right at that transition and it was not possible to fix it. Much prefer the Springbar there. The door is also nicer as I prefer the straight zippers which put much less stress on the zippers. The storage pockets and hanging loops are well placed and the windows are great. The canvas itself has a great quality feel to it. I like feel of the poles and think this will last along time with proper care. I am using an aftermarket tarp in addition to the supplied canvas tarp when I expect rain because the canvas tarp (though really well made) dries slow. Obviously the one Achilles heel of canvas, as others including Springbar have stated is putting them away with any moisture still in them. Other than that (and a bit of weight to lug around) canvas is superior to nylon or polyester tents for car or truck camping

Mr. Wilson
Finally have a Springbar!

I've had a copy of a Springbar for a couple of years. I've really enjoyed it, even bought a Stormfly to use with it, but it wasn't the real deal. Well, the recent sale pushed me over the edge and I bought a Classic Jack 100 with ground tarp, portico panels with extra poles and guy lines. Camping weather is done here in NW Pennsylvania (for me anyway), but we had a couple of sunny days when it arrived, so I set it up and played with the different panel configurations. I'm very happy with the quality and CAN'T WAIT for better weather next year. I will definitely get plenty of use from this tent.

Jongsuk Oh
Worth the price

If you ever want to experience cotton made tent spring bar is the best choice ever. Their customer service is also absolutely perfect.

Erick Villarreal
Never going back

This is our first canvas tent and we love it. It’s easy to setup and very durable. I don’t see myself replacing this tent for many years to come and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

John Allen
Good Tents

I have used Springbar previously, so I know the quality. These do not disappoint.

Just wish I had waited for 2 weeks and get the "Blue Moon" discount.