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Introducing Jack Kirkham’s Skyliner, the first USA-made Springbar® Hot Tent.
The toughest, most spacious, and most versatile Springbar® Tent we’ve ever built.

Visit this page to learn how to hot tent with the Skyliner.

Visit this page to view our safety and liability waiver and fire safety requirements regarding Springbar® tents.

Recommended Accessories: 10'x14' ground tarp.
(Note* the Skyliner is not compatible with current portico panels or the Stormfly)


  • Size: 10'x14' footprint (140 sq ft), 6'10"-maximum interior height
    Packed: 18"x32" (tent body) 9"x56" (poles)
  • Weight: Total – 78lbs (not including stakes) (Tent body - 49lbs) (poles - 29lbs)
  • Includes: 1 Skyliner tent body w/carry bag, 1 Skyliner pole set w/ carry bag, Stove Jack and Window Insert, 1 gear loft, 2 hanging organizers, 23 steel stakes w/carry bucket, 4 guy-ropes
  • Fabrics: 10oz Sunforger® Cotton Duck (roof), 8.5oz Sunforger® Cotton Duck (walls & awnings), 10oz FR Sunforger® Cotton Duck (stove jack panel), 40D Military-Grade window mesh, 12oz seamless vinyl floor, #10 YKK coil zippers
  • Poles: Aluminum uprights w/steel reinforcement, 3-piece aluminum ridge pole w/steel reinforcement, 7/16-inch spring steel tension rods, aluminum awning & stabilizer poles


  • All new pattern for maximum livable space. Approx. 30% more interior volume than other 10'x14' Springbar® tents such as the Family Camper or Classic Jack 140.
  • Classic Springbar® frame design for quick and easy set-up and take down. The Skyliner’s ease of use makes a canvas hot tent experience a reality for quick weekend trips.
  • Removable stove jack system for versatility in warm or cold weather. (Skyliner comes standard with both the stove jack insert and window insert). Velcro insert design for reliability in the field and ease of use. Fire resistant 12oz Sunforger® canvas is used on the tent panel where the stove jack is located.
  • 2 large back windows, 1 large end panel window, and the extra-wide front door for maximize ventilation and views in warm weather. Features 40D military-grade ‘berry compliant’ window mesh.
  • Aluminum pole set w/steel reinforcements. Beefed up to support maximum internal space and provide reliability in harsh weather. 3-piece ridge pole design for reduced pack size. 7/16-inch spring steel tension rods (the largest diameter tension rod found on any Springbar® tent).
  • ‘Eave-style’ awnings on the front and back of the tent allow the windows and door to be ventilated during wet weather and provide additional guy-out point for stability.
  • Stabilizer pole system provides additional structure and guy-out points to the tent walls when additional stability is needed in heavy wind and weather.
  • 55-inch-wide front door design makes loading gear in and out of the Skyliner a breeze while providing extra ventilation in warm weather. (standard Springbar® door is 26-inch-wide). Additional set of reversed zipper sliders allows the door to be opened from the top-down for easy exit during the night.

  • All-new tent bag and pole bag design features carry handles and vinyl reinforcements on bottom of bags.
  • All-new gear loft design features a center webbing strap for hanging lighting and pockets at either end for storage.
  • All-new hanging organizer design (Skyliner includes 2) can be set-up vertically or horizontally at multiple positions in the tent for storing small items.
  • Made by hand in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fantastic quality tent

Very pleased with the tent and the quality of materials used it looks like it will last a lifetime with care and maintenance. Awesome customer service and quickness in response. Great product with great customer service made in USA the way it should be 👍🏻👍🏻

Gloria Chen

Very fast delivery!

Sunnen Xiong

Best tent even with a leak on the top. Best customer service as they were able to fix the the leak tent right away when I told them.

James Hansen
Awesome Roomy tent

We camped with four kids with a winnerwell medium stove. Nighttime lows below 20F. Very comfortable and quality tent.
I am looking forward to a lifetime of use!
YouTube review:

Tommer Gonser

Will do.... live in upper Washougal, Camas area..i