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The Springbar 'Hot Tent' System merges the pleasure of hot tenting with the simple setup of Springbar tent design for the first time. 

Select a package based on your choice of Winnerwell Stove (Woodlander LargeWoodlander MediumNomad View LargeNomad LargeNomad Medium)

Springbar 'Hot Tent' Packages include:

  • Classic Jack 140 Canvas Tent
  • 10x14 Heavy Duty Ground Tarp
  • Zip-In Stove Jack Accessory
  • Chimney Support Cable 
  • Winnerwell Stove of Your Choice (Woodlander Large, Woodlander Medium, Nomad View Large, Nomad Medium)
  • Winnerwell Fireproof Mat
  • Winnerwell 45-Degree Pipe Section (QTY 2)
  • Winnerwell Double Wall Pipe Section
  • Winnerwell Flashing Kit
  • Winnerwell Stove Carry Bag
  • Winnerwell Pipe Brush

Installation Instructions & Stove Safety Guide. Download the PDF. 


The owner and user of the Springbar® Tent and various accessories accepts all responsibility and liability for the safe use of these products. Springbar® is not liable for any injury or damage resulting from the use or misuse of any manner of flame or heat source used inside or near a Springbar® Tent.

Read and follow all instructions and safety guidelines prior to using this product. Instructions and safety guidelines must be adhered to at all times. Failure to follow these instructions and safety guidelines may result in property damage, injury, or even death.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Classic Jack 140 Hot Tent

I had been looking at getting this tent for a couple of months. With a family of four, consisting of two small children, I needed a tent that would fit us all, plus the dog, and keep us warm during the colder months. I buy quality products that will last a lifetime, which is why I wanted a quality tent like this. This will be the last tent my family uses.
Now trying to take the plunge on buying this tent with so little photos of it on the website was a little daunting. There were no photos of the inside until recently with that model. I would of appreciated more photos and a video. There weren’t even any video reviews on YouTube. I chose this tent over the competitors for a few reasons, the main one being how easily I can convert it into a hot tent, or just zip that stove Jack section out and have the regular window. Good on you Springbar. Also the fact that I can put it up by myself was something I wanted. Which is easy to do. It’s time consuming putting in the stakes. And takes a bit of effort to really stretch the side poles to tighten up the structure but it’s not that hard. The tent has been up in my back yard for the past month and has withstood multiple Arizona storms with heavy rain and strong winds. We’ve had multiple fires in the stove and cooked some food on the stove top. We all love the tent. It’s spacious, looks good, feels good and has shown to be reliable.
The only problem I had with the tent was the T bracket piece that goes on each side to connect the top poles to the side poles had some pretty deep gashes in them. They do not affect the strength or integrity of the pieces, but it was upsetting to see on such an expensive purchase. I’m not sure how they both had such marks on them for being new pieces. Other than that, I was sent the wrong stove. I got the nomad instead of the woodlander. I’m not complaining though as the nomad is slight more expensive. The stove Jack was super easy to instal. It comes with a template to trace over the fire resistant window replacement. It shows where to trace your hole for which Winnerwell stove you got. Overall I am very glad that we made the purchase. I would buy it again. Thank you Springbar for making an awesome tent for my family and I to enjoy.

Springbar tent package

Hi ,
I havent even opened up my Springbar tent package yet.
I will.say this that im absolutely impressed with the shipping time.
Incredibly fast.
Also the sales.person makenzie.
This young lady helped me so much .
Her help.really made the differance.
Its great the deal with a person that knows the product .
She even uses it herself.
Ill do a review after my.hip replacement get better. Its only.been 15days .
Im positive in my mind that everything will be great . The quality.of the people you deal with are top shelf and im positive that will reflect in the product.
I will do a product review as soon as im able . i say this .
Thank you Makenzie.