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Introducing Factory 2nds, a selection of tents graded as a ‘cosmetic second’ by our tent inspectors. What's a 'cosmetic second' you ask? A 'cosmetic second' is a tent that is found to have a minor cosmetic blemish in the fabric or construction. The performance and utility of the tent are in no way impacted. In terms of durability and reliability in the great outdoors, you've got nothing to worry about.  

*All Factory 2nd Tent Sales are Final

  • Use the drop down menu to view the list of Factory 2nds available today.
  • New Factory 2nds tents are added to this listing as they come up.
    So if it’s sold out, check back regularly.

  • Factory 2nds tents are typically discounted anywhere from 10% to 20% off of the retail price, depending on the nature of the blemish.
  • For more specific information about a particular tent, feel free to give us a call or email us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Bob E.
Great way to save a few $$ and still get a perfectly functioning tent!

This is my 3rd factory 2nds purchase (previous 2 were Vagabonds) I Bought the 2nds (Skyliner) to obviously save a few bucks. The tent is up, and I was able to use it in a rainstorm and it performed well. At first there were some slight leaks from a couple of the seams, but that's it. Apparently they "sealed" themselves after the first little bit of rain. I see the "defects/misses" they mentioned, but it doesn't affect the tent at all. No issues in a downpour. If you want a quality tent at a discounted price, absolutely recommend the Factory 2nds.

Michael Doll
Factory 2nds Vagabond Bison

Took a chance with the Vagabond Bison with needle hole in the right panel and glad I did. Saved 15% and can't find the needle holes but I am sure a well trained quality control eye could spot them, but I don't see them. Then took my savings and purchased the Stormfly and ground tarp which will be the extra protection I'll need here in NW Oregon, Very Happy with my Springbar

John Livorno
I can finally stand up in a tent!

I grew up camping on a regular basis in both Cub and Boy Scouts. Easily spent over a years worth of time camping outdoors over the last three decades. But that’s always been in traditional compact backpacking tents. I never even considered different tents since that was all I had ever known. I recently went camping with a friend who introduced me to SpringBar. He’s sworn by his traveler since a windy trip in his backpacking tent which nearly collapsed under the strong gusts. When he first showed me the inside of his tent I was amazed by all of the space. It reminded me of the Weasley’s tent in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the undetectable extension charm, making it larger on the inside. Being over 6ft tall, I had never been able to stand up in a tent before.

Later that night I was struggling to change clothes in my smaller tent and decided it wouldn’t hurt to check out Springbar website and read some reviews online. I must’ve spent three hours that night down the rabbit hole.

Ty Measom
perfect tent

made in USA and the quality is everything I expected. Thank you!

Kris W.
Sturdy Tent at a Good Price

I inspected the tent after it arrived, and it was a well-constructed tent with few, if any, cosmetic defects. I barely noticed a few frayed spots on the seam, which was described as having needle marks and a fold. It is a pleasure to have acquired a well-made item made here in the U.S., south of me in Salt Lake.