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Introducing Factory 2nds, a selection of tents graded as a ‘cosmetic second’ by our tent inspectors. What's a 'cosmetic second' you ask? A 'cosmetic second' is a tent that is found to have a minor cosmetic blemish in the fabric or construction. The performance and utility of the tent are in no way impacted. In terms of durability and reliability in the great outdoors, you've got nothing to worry about.  

*All Factory 2nd Tent Sales are Final

  • Use the drop down menu to view the list of Factory 2nds available today.
  • New Factory 2nds tents are added to this listing as they come up.
    So if it’s sold out, check back regularly.

  • Factory 2nds tents are typically discounted anywhere from 10% to 20% off of the retail price, depending on the nature of the blemish.
  • For more specific information about a particular tent, feel free to give us a call or email us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
John Lawrence
Family Camper

Great easy set up roomy , superior craftsman ship , highly recommend

Mark Burkitt
So far, so good!

My wife and I have not had an opportunity to use our new Outfitter yet, but we have set it up a couple of times to 'season' it. What a great little tent! Checks all the right boxes for innovative design, portablity, durability, craftmanship, ease of use, size, and comfort. It took us a while to find the "defect" that granted us the discount, and when we did, we found it exactly as described: purely cosmetic with no impact whatsoever on the function or longevity of the tent. What a refreshing experience! If your looking for a great deal on a great tent, look no further. You can trust the good folks at Springbar to deal honestly with you and stand behind their work 100%!

Vincent Brown
Best tent for overnighter

this is my 2nd springbar.My first being a 10×10 traveler..while my traveler is hard to leave behind the smaller compact works best for just a quick overview where I pack lite. No quality issues that impede the use of my compact. Was disappointed though that a pole bag wasn't included just the plastic the poles were in. Like the addition of the canvas stake bag that came with it.

Tammy Lovell

I love the Traveler 10 x 10 size, and the electric and propane outlets.

I’m looking forward to using the Springbar Traveler tent soon: in a month or two, but I’ve not used it yet. I opened the box and looked it over, and it seems to be exactly what I had hoped for.

Gary Wrasse
Factory Second?

My new Springbar Vagabond is awesome. I could not find a blemish or defect in any part of my new tent. The style, material integrity, design and workmanship superb. I love everything about my new Springbar Vagabond.