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Introducing Factory 2nds, a selection of tents graded as a ‘cosmetic second’ by our tent inspectors. What's a 'cosmetic second' you ask? A 'cosmetic second' is a tent that is found to have a minor cosmetic blemish in the fabric or construction. The performance and utility of the tent are in no way impacted. In terms of durability and reliability in the great outdoors, you've got nothing to worry about.  

*All Factory 2nd Tent Sales are Final

  • Use the drop down menu to view the list of Factory 2nds available today.
  • New Factory 2nds tents are added to this listing as they come up.
    So if it’s sold out, check back regularly.

  • Factory 2nds tents are typically discounted anywhere from 10% to 20% off of the retail price, depending on the nature of the blemish.
  • For more specific information about a particular tent, feel free to give us a call or email us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
shannon cox
The Perfect Compact

I love this tent! Couldn't find the flaws that were stated. Love the electric port. So easy to run the cord through and plug in away from the door and never have to worry about tripping over it on my way in or out. Five night trip and rained 2 nights. Tent stayed dry inside the whole stay. Tent stayed warm at night and great ventilation in the day when I needed a breeze. Quality is by far the best on the market. Thank you for a great tent.

Joe Gibbens
Well worth it.

I received my Skyliner a couple of weeks ago and was able to put it up for the first time last weekend. The repair patch was so small you'd have to be looking for it. The build quality looks excellent, and I can't wait to go use it.

Josh Cook
This thing is awesome!!!

don't thing twice, pull the trigger!!

Jon C
Excellent product. Worth every cent

Very impressed with USA made quality item. Did not notice any imperfections. Happy with the discounted price.


We reached out to receive photos of the flaw and received a prompt, helpful reply from customer service! When we got the tent, it was very true to photo and has no impact on the performance of the tent. We look forward to using this tent and the memories it will provide for many years to come!