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We Build Quality Tents.
At Home. And Abroad.


At Home.

Since 1961 we have been proud to manufacture the original Springbar® Canvas Tent in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This fact has been, and will always be, at the core of who we are. 


Our Springbar® USA Tents are built to weather damn near any storm and with care will last a lifetime, but there’s also a lot of history in a Springbar®—it’s a stubborn holdout from a past era of mom & pop American manufacturing. Over the last sixty years we’ve seen times of boom and times of bust, but we’ve always found a way forward. After all of it, we’re still here making Springbar® Tents in Salt Lake City. It’s a testament to good design, good quality, and good customers.


For our domestic tents we source nearly every component from American suppliers—Sunforger canvas finished in Georgia, cotton thread from Coats USA, Aluminum tent poles machined in Utah, our signature wire stake loops from Chicago—and our skilled Tent Makers, some of whom have been cutting and sewing Springbar Tents for over 30 years, are true craftspeople and the keepers of an art that has been all but lost in this country. Much of the equipment in our shop is more than a half century old, showing patina and wear, but still going strong. A Springbar USA tent is an investment, and it may require some patience to get one, but you’ll love it forever.

Premium Quality Cotton Canvas

All Springbar® Tents are made with tightly woven, double-fill, 100% cotton duck canvas—treated to be highly water resistant and anti-mold.

Stay Dry in The Rain: While not ‘waterproof’ in the same sense as plastics and some synthetic materials, our canvas is tightly woven and treated to be extremely water-resistant. Rest assured, a Springbar® tent will keep you dry even in heavy rain. We also use special seam construction techniques and three different types of thread in every Springbar® tent to prevent any leaking or water wicking at the seams.

Breathable Comfort Under the Sun: Our cotton canvas is also highly breathable, and the result is a very comfortable interior tent climate. Springbar® Tents do not trap condensation and become muggy like synthetic tents, and stay much cooler in hot weather conditions. 

Springbar USA Tents are made with Sunforger® treated canvas—widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ among canvas tent makers. Sunforger® finish is highly water resistant, long lasting, and is applied to the canvas in Georgia, USA.

Springbar Imported Tents are made with HardyDuck™ treated canvas—a highly water-resistant and anti-mold finish that we developed to provide a level of performance that’s nearly identical to our Sunforger® fabrics.

Canvas Maintenance: Because cotton duck canvas is a natural material, it is subject to mold and mildew damage if stored wet and neglected. If stored dry and clean, a Springbar® Tent can last and perform for decades. Learn More (LINK to care and maintain page)