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*For orders in excess of the 1 tent limit - the entire order will be cancelled.

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Owner's Field Guide. Download the PDF.

Info: The name says it all—for the adventurous family there’s no substitute when it comes to easy setup, livable space, and reliability in harsh weather. That said, while the 10’ x 14’ footprint will easily sleep a family of four to six, it’s practically a cabin for two with space for a full bed, table, and chairs. With a deluxe feature set including 3 full-height screen windows and an integrated shade awning, the Family Camper is built to last and be loved for a lifetime.

Cut and sewn by hand in our Salt Lake City, USA workshop

Features/ Specs:

  • Simple 1-Person Setup. Watch the Video 
  • 10’ x 14’ Footprint, 6 ½ Feet Interior Height, 140 sq. ft. Living Space. Spacious for 2, Comfortable for 4, Maximum of 8 Occupants
  • Sunforger® marine-finish boat shrunk army duck canvas (8.5oz walls, 10.1oz roof). 100% cotton, double-fill construction. Finished in Georgia, USA—the ‘gold standard’ in cotton tent canvas. Watertight, breathable, and highly durable.
  • Heavy-Duty Seamless Laminated Vinyl Floor. Durable & Fully Waterproof
  • Aluminum Alloy Poles with steel reinforcement. Machined in SLC, Utah.
  • Steel Wire Stake Loops with Perimeter Rope Reinforcement—Incredibly Strong and a Hallmark of Springbar® Tent Design.
  • 3 full-height screen windows with 40D military-grade USA made no-see-um window mesh, integrated shade awning
  • Includes a hanging organizer and gear loft for storage
  • Includes 20 steel USA-made wedge stakes, and canvas bucket bag for storage
  • Weight: 77 pounds. Packed tent size: 26” x 32”. Packed pole size: 8” x 62”.
  • Springbar Family Camper includes: tent w/storage bag, pole set w/storage bag, steel wedge stakes and canvas bucket bag, awning ropes, hanging organizer, mesh gear loft, owner’s field guide
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Love your Springbar® product or we’ll make it right. Learn more 
  • Handcrafted in Salt Lake City, USA. Learn More 

Customer Reviews

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How to buy & ship your tent to an address outside of North America?

If you live outside of North America like I do, you may find this review helpful. Although Springbar doesn't ship outside of North America, I found a relatively simple and extremely inexpensive way of having my tent (Family Camper) delivered to my doorstep in Croatia (the EU). While my entire purchase experience was flawless, I cannot write anything about the tent yet, simply because my tent is still en route to me. After having purchased my tent from Springbar, I had it shipped to an international freight forwarding company and collecting warehouse (e.g., Before the actual purchase from Springbar, I contacted the freight forwarding company and gathered the necessary forms that I need to complete in a timely fashion. Following the purchase, I emailed these completed forms to them. After receiving my shipment from Springbar and the filled-out forms from me, the freight forwarding company will ship my tent to me via a cargo ship. Eventually, their local courier here in Croatia will handle the import paperwork and deliver it to my doorstep. Importantly, while USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the likes would typically charge me (yes, I did my research) more for the shipping than the purchase price for the Springbar tent (i.e. typically US$ 1.500 or more), my shipping method will cost me no more than US$100 door-to-door (yes, you read it correctly). How is this possible? Well, the int’l ship freight forwarding company ships a certain number of containers on a cargo ship. Thus, they have containers that they need to fill with anything from a car to packaged tent. While packaged tent is considered large by UPS and the likes, for a ship freight forwarder my tent is rather very small. Hence, it’s very affordable to send things this way. Of course, the drawback is that my shipping method will take me anywhere between one and two months (cargo ships do not sail out that frequently). However, tents aren’t perishable and tent buyers typically aren’t in a rush. Especially if waiting will save them some serious dough. How and where to find an int'l freight forwarding company? Google it. Perhaps start your search at Needless to say, my family and I are excited about our new Springbar Family Camper tent.

Family camper

Our experience with spring bar from the start has been great. The website allowed us to complete our research and feel very confident that we made the right choice for our family! Everything was very smooth from the email request for the tent to making the purchase and finally receiving the tent. We are very happy with the tent and look forward to many years of adventures.

ThNk you for a wonderful experience,

Wind Proof - Amazing!

My family has used the family camper tent over the last 3 years and in our most recent trip we had severe wind conditions at Furnace Creek, Death Valley - with steady 40mph winds and 80mph gusts. We literally saw every other tent camping family leave the campground because their tents just blew away in the wind. By the next morning, we were the last tent standing among RV's and Travel Trailers. We absolutely love our Springbar Family Camper Tent.

Delivery of Family Tent

Prompt delivery of family tent. Great service and product.

Live Up to Its Name

I used the Family Camper on three different trips with different weather and ground conditions. It proved weatherproof nicely. All the details inside and outside the tent are beyond my expectation. Because there are good reviews lauding the Springbar, which are the ground truth, I want to remain informative for future users. I strongly recommend customers to buy the heavy-duty ground tarps from Springbar because it gives more comfort when you unpack and pack your tent, with much less chance to soil the beauty in addition to the floor protection. I found one of the tension rod more bent more than others, and it gets bent more. It seems the tent expects break-in for the rods as well. While all about the tent is heavy-duty, the no-see-um mesh can be torn rather easily. It was heartbreaking to see the mesh torn after first use, especially with impeccable sewn on to the canvas door. Users may want to have the mesh repair kit stocked up.