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Introducing the all new Springbar® StormFly®—designed to increase the performance of any 8x10 or 10x10 Springbar® Tent in heavy wind and rain.

Compatible Tent Models: Traveler, Vagabond, Highline 6, Classic Jack 100.

 *Contact us to check compatibility on legacy tent models no longer in production.

StormFly® Benefits:

  • Sheds rain and snow; allows you to open and vent windows during a storm.
  • Keeps the tent dryer, resulting in quicker dry times before storing your tent. Highly recommended for rainy and high humidity climates.
  • 8 guy out points with speed buckle straps increase stability in heavy wind.
  • UV protection for long term Springbar® Tent camps. Protects the cotton and extends the life of the tent.


  • Compatible with any 8x10 or 10x10 Springbar® Tent
  • Seam-sealed and PU-coated ripstop polyester is fully waterproof
  • Includes 1 StormFly®, 6 tension straps, 8 stakes, and storage bag
  • rain fly, rainfly, storm fly

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Agustin Mendoza Romo
Desert Wind

Went to try at Anza-Borrego Desert. The stormfly helps a lot with the desert wind gusts

Bill Anderson
Nice fly

I like this for the sun protection it provides down here in Southern California.

Ayaka Yagi

I was right to buy it!

Stephen Young
Works well in several set ups.

I have a classic jack 140 hot tent package. This add on works to shed wind and rain very well. By rolling up the stove side it does not interfere with the stove pipe in any way. It has a tie off incorporated to lash it to the spring bars. I like it better than the tents awning because it provide some shade better than the awning in high winds and is a definite plus in not having rain pool in the awning. It held up very well in high winds for me 40-45 mile per hour gusts in late October during the seasonal change we get here in SW Missouri. It was set up for 5 days in this wind and held up very well. No pegs on the tent or screen house pulled out. It is possible to use the awning the portico panels and the storm fly but you have to use additional pegs and poles. The reason to do this would be to increase shade area at the same time you increase tent wind stability. The portico panels on the classic jack do flap in high winds however. Perhaps because they are not canvas. They are made out of the same strong material as the storm fly. They do make a very nice sun and wind break in mild winds. In heavy rain it is best to take down the awning and reduce the exposure of the tent by anchoring the storm fly directly to the ground. I think it works best without any poles to maximize the protection of the canvas. Additional note: This also works on all 10 x 14 Kodiak Canvas tents. I have a green storm fly for use on their screen house. I do think Spring Bar tents are a better quality than Kodiak however due to the aluminum poles and adjustable height. I have found the adjustment feature good for adapting to uneven terrain. Other superior Spring Bar features are the stove jack and the rope reinforcement for the peg loops. I would like to get a leisure port in the future. It looks like it would an excellent eating and relaxing shelter, better than the floor less Kodiak screen house which I use for food preparation. I would get a storm fly to go with it as well as the extra panel set. That would be the ultimate camp site.

Patrick Kirby